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About Me

001_JA_021015-683x1024 Hi, my name is John Andres. After over forty years in running businesses, I yearned to get out   of the rat race of employees, equipment and facilities. I spent most of those forty years building up a nice real estate portfolio. However, I watched in dismay as the entire real estate landscape was decimated… and most of my net worth with it.

Being a senior member of the “baby boomers” I needed to be able to generate a monthly cash stream and to rebuild my net worth. My business background kept trying to pull me back into some sort of business, because that was my comfort zone. Here’s a short list:

  • Owned and operated a lumber and building materials business for 35 years
  • Director – ServiStar Corporation – 6 yrs (Hardware cooperative that eventually merged with True Value)
  • Chamber of Commerce Board of directors – 15 years
  • Served as President – Cincinnati Lumber and Building Material Dealers – I year
  • Served as President – Cincinnati Building Materials Assn. – 1 year
  • Founder and director of a Cincinnati area community bank
  • Developed 17 residential properties
  • Total lots developed over 700
  • Developed 2 commercial properties (Office, retail, warehouse projects)
  • In various partnerships, actively involved in the construction of over 300 homes
  • In two partnerships, actively involved in the construction and sale of 300+ condos
  • Active equities trader for 20+ years
  • Futures trading for 8+ years
  • Active options trader for 10+ years

So just the thought and experience of creating one more company with employees, equipment, facilities, accounts receivable, etc. dissuaded me. However, that did not dismiss my need to generate an income, but it did encourage me to look beyond my comfort zone. And so, I developed some sure techniques, that allowed me to generate income passively so I could maximize my time and profits without a lot of the associated headaches.

My coaching is unique. I only do one on one coaching directly with my students.

  • We use video calling on Skype so we can see one another and share our screens. It is just like I am right there in the room with you.
  • Also, and most important, is that everyone is at a different point in their education. The big chat rooms and online webinars are great for basic knowledge, but they appeal to the masses.

What works best is that one on one personal coaching that can assess where you are and get you where you want to be with a much shorter learning curve. And you can earn while you learn!

I can’t be sure if earning very reasonable returns in a completely personal environment is anything you would be interested in, but if it is, don’t hesitate to call me. I answer my own phone!

Working with John helped me to take advantage of opportunities I would                    have missed. I applied the strategy we created and watched my income grow. I’m glad you’re on my team John!
-David, North Carolina.


By providing feedback and guidance in real time, my coaching develops positive results. You and I know that as individuals advance to the executive level, development feedback becomes increasingly important, more infrequent, and more unreliable.

One of the big benefits of my coaching is that I’m not tied to your organization, your friends, or anyone else, I’m tied to you only, so I can support what you want and where you want to go.

Hire me to show you how to fund your future.

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At a basic level, it is crucial to develop multiple income streams so you can survive the changing economy and to satisfy important personal interests and long term goals that your full-time income can not support. We can jump start your future right now. I can help you make more money and have more fun. All you have to do is contact me.