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A free online  tool.  You can keep track of all your key information in an outline style.  Easy access from any platform.



A great online autoresponder that is free for up to 2,000 subscribers.  Convenient to use and grow seamlessly as your email marketing needs grow.




A simple online tool that allows the user to modify the size of any image with a click of the mouse.




Photopea is a free online substitute Photoshop editor.  You can finally open and edit Photoshop images without the need to purchase the expense Adobe Photoshop software.



Google Keep

A component of the widely used Google Suite of products.  A convenient Chrome extension makes is super easy to capture links and information from any website.

DIY Book Covers

DIY Book covers is a simple, online solution for creating flat, 3D and composite images of your books and e-books.  Use DIY Book Covers to make attractive renditions for your promotional efforts.




An online tool that easily reviews any written content for grammar and spelling errors.  Grammarly offers a free version and also a paid upgraded version.



Every successful internet marketing expert needs to provide high quality on a consistent basis. is an online solution for curating content in your niche.


A free online tool that will astonish you with how easy you are able to create professional graphics for Facebook posts, video title pages and even YouTube thumbnails.

Answer The Public

Answer the Public is a unique, online tool that takes a key word in your niche and converts it to a large variety of “long-tail keywords” you can use to build an audience and raise your search engine rankings.