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The G.U.T.S. Sales Method

The G.U.T.S. Sales Method

The NEW G.U.T.S.*™ Sales Method
The revolutionary sales method that eliminates all the problems and frustrations of sales!

  • No more suffering from the agony of premature presentations!
  • Never feel self conscience or intimidated in sales again!
  • Imagine no more cold calling
  • No more sales games
  • Sales is now fun and profitable and within your control
  • Qualify the prospect in 3 minutes or less

      You never go to a prospect unless you are picking up a check or a contract. Its all here in this amazing new package. Here’s what’s included:

      • The Mentor Teaches G.U.T.S. Sales Book
        This is the original instructional Sales Novel that makes sales Fun and Profitable again. Join Max the Mentor as he teaches the unconventional secrets of G.U.T.S. Sales Method.
      • The Mentor Teaches G.U.T.S. CD Set
        Recorded by the Author Claude Diamond.
      • The Sales Method Instructional CD
        This is the meat and Potatoes of G.U.T.S. We simplify the system and break it down into the 3 steps of the staircase of Success. Everything you need to know , Agenda, Qualification and Close.
      • The Success Timer
        Place it next to your phone and challenge yourself to qualify the prospect in 3 minutes or less.
      • G.U.T.S.™ The Movie
        Hey, It’s not Star Wars™ but it’s still entertaining and informative. What package would be complete without a little visual instruction starring the author Claude Diamond
      • The G.U.T.S Sales MindMap
        A colorful charting system for enabling you to learn and quickly implement the G.U.T.S. system. Just place by your phone with your 3 minute success timer
      • [marker type=”orange”]FREE![/marker] 1 On 1 Mentoring Session Bonu
        What good is any package of un-conventional information unless it comes with your own Mentor. That’s right you get one telephonic Mentoring session with none other than Claude ”The Mentor” Diamond.

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