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The New 2010 Lease Purchase Bible

The New 2010 Lease Purchase Bible

The Lease Purchase Bible Kit
*New 2010 Lease Purchase Bible Manual*
*DataDisk: All New and Updated Contracts and Forms*
*All new Lease Purchase Strategies-The Hybrid-The Arbitrage Assignment*
*How to create Notes and other passive incomes*
*The GUTS Marketing Method for attracting Buyers/Sellers*
*The Virtual Attraction Marketing Secret-Have all the leads you will ever need!*
*The GUTS Success Sales and Marketing Movie DVD*
*Audio Disk-Live Lease Purchase Sales Conversations*
*Audio Disk-Live Lease Purchase Sales Phone Calls*
*Audio Disk-Live Lease Purchase “How to” Webinar*
*Consulting in Lease Purchasing*
*Manual-How to sell with GUTS*
*Business Novel* How to sell with GUTS*
*Conversations in lease Purchasing*
*Lease Purchase Mindmaps*
Bonus: Free Subscription to The Lease Purchase Times
Bonus: Free Mentoring session with The Author,Claude Diamond J.D.
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